Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Obesity Squad

Everyone has bullies in their lives. Skeletons in the closet. Fears that haunt. Lies that deceive.
For the past 6 plus years, my greatest protagonist has been Obesity. Yes, that bitch and her largeness. As the years have gone on, Obesity has brought her crew of bitches into my world and made me reckon with her squad over and over.
Those bitches, well the come in all shapes, sizes and each have strengths of their own.
At first we met Depression and boy did we dip all the way into her deep blue eyes. They are like waterfalls of crystal meth man. Do.not.dive.in there.
Not far behind the meth induced depressive state, here comes disease to back her up. Disease in this current Obesity Squad goes by the name of. This bitch will make you reconsider your pain tolerance.
To the right of our main girl Obesity hangs a duo we can call the Inflammatory Story.  More specifically they are IBD, and HIT  - these ladies tie you to the front of the train and pull in and out of frustration station over and over.

How do you fight a bully? Kick and scream? Strategize and work smarter? Hide and hope they give up on you?
There as so many Goliath challenges in this life, and only you can know what your inner David is going to do.

What would the Aberator do? Current status: staring down every bitch in this squad and standing firm in my belief that knowledge is not true power - but action with purpose will always come out the victor in the end - no matter the length of battle

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