Sunday, May 8, 2016


My greatest accomplishment in my life time will, no doubt, be my ART. She is the reason I keep on keepin on, and the source of my simplest pleasures and joy.
I'm pretty (hashtag) blessed that she puts up with the volume at which music gets played in my car - and some of the time even comes away admitting love for the music she heard.
A few weeks ago she told me she'd been humming this song and hearing it in her head through out her school day.

(ack! deep!)
Today on Mother's day, we sang to each other in the car "Who am I if I'm the person you become... if I'm still growin up". And I begged her, and then implored her some more to understand that she needs to keep her heart right there as much as possible. Question it all, never grow up. If you stop growing up - you become that person -- but you don't have to be that person, because life is full of opportunity to keep learning, keep growing and keep striving to be who you are. No matter how old. Keep growing up, up, up.
(hashtag) blessed, (hashtag) superblessed, (hashtag) ART4Ever, (hashtag) MotherhoodWins

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