Friday, April 29, 2016

Back to Aberatin

Alright stop. Aberate and listen. Abs is back with some brand new missions.

I'm in the midst of a real resurgence here. When I told the trainer at the gym to name my work out 'Aberator's Fit', I knew I had begun to peek out from behind the curtain. You see, this life is full of intermissions - that time where you pick up your smartphone, zone in and forget you are in a public arena and that you came here for a show. The entertainment aspect fades to fuzz level gray, and the noise quiets around you. You are in intermission.
While it is ever a transient show, when the curtains move - and you steady your eyes on the show once again - it fills your mind, steadies your pace, steels your resolve and propels you into the zone where the show is everything.
Operation Aberate has returned from intermission. Submissions to follow.