Sunday, May 1, 2016

Call of the heart

Few things lift my heart like good meaningful music.
And baseball. Yeah it has been known to lift my heart - let's face it ..... it's so hard not to be romantic about baseball.

My heart pumps only blue and orange blood  - but I can't front - every time Macklemore's song My Oh My comes up on my Pandora work out station - I get chills and and a simple, beam of joy creeps across my face. Like Nick Jonas himself walked up next to my tread mill and sang to me ... uhhmm, yeah, back to baseball.
BASEBALL.  I get that same simple and pure joy feeling when I step through the turnstiles at Citi Field.
And to play right on the moment at the heart of the song (the broadcaster Dave Niehaus's 'My Oh My' call at the moment the Mariner's won the champsionhip) - I get that same lift in my heart when I hear Howie Rose's call "This One Has a Chance!", which he, "the voice of the Mets" belted out when Mike Piazza belted the home run that lifted the hearts of so many New Yorkers in that first game played after 9/11.  And I get that same warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when I hear Gary Cohen's call from the division clincher game last season "Tears of Joy for the 2015 New York Mets!!" -first heard while I was literally crying actual tears of joy, jumping around my living room pumping my fist in the air.
My oh My.
I can't think of what the world would ever be like with out the voices behind the calls of the heart for Mets fans like myself - but everytime I hear this Macklemore tribute to Dave Niehaus and the heart connecting moment M's fans surely hold dear to - I can't help but dig in and visit the corners and stitching in my own heart.

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