Friday, September 2, 2016

Like a loose garment

This summer saw me completely lose sight of my health goals. Nope, scratch that, health needs. It's a need... Health is a necessity. Anyway - I'm essentially back where I keep finding myself - with only pieces of the puzzle and no glue. 
I can do strength training three times a week but if I have three venti chai lattes I'm not going to feel any better ever. 
I can earnestly know and understand that  I'm a full fledged sugar addict, but knowledge alone doesn't remove the ibuprofen needs, oversleeping and endless gut and allergy issues away. 
Over the last ten days or so, I did some real woman in the mirror talking with the Aberator and walked away knowing I earnestly needed to remove sugar(s) from my diet - and that I seriously needed some kind of accountability partner. I know I had decided that was my need because I kept hearing in over and over in my head - get accountable, find daily help. 
In the midst of that mental mojo - a friend, whose radiant nature has always struck me like a drop of water in the desert, posted to Facebook that she and her sister in law would be starting a Whole30 challenge on 9/7 - who wants to join? Well her post already had over ten comments and it hit me like a lightbulb over a dark staircase. Clean eating? I already know I need to make these changes, and doing a challenge - a whole group of people checking in together and supporting one another - Yes! That's the ticket! 
We haven't even started the actual diet timing yet and I've already taken away a gem! In response to a question I posed the group, one woman said "Live life like a loose garment, and just go with it".
Stepping back I can see that the wind blew my loose garment into this moment where I can go with it. 
I can go with these health rules. I can go confidently in the direction of better health choices. I can lay my puzzle pieces down and make me whole again... 
Wish me luck - but I don't think I truly need it!  

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