Thursday, September 3, 2015

Not Dead Yet

 Tonight around 6:45 pm as I got into the car after carefully purchasing only $15 in groceries at the supermarket, I was plagued with the long day barrage - 'man I cannot wait to get home and take these sneakers off - my feet are so tired!', 'man I have so much left to do when I get home tonight', 'holy $#!%, how am I gonna make it through the next two weeks when my pay check today doesn't cover the expenses I actually have to meet til my next pay day'// Pretty much the internal song of my people  - the working class single parent. Anyhow - as I put the key into the ignition I looked up and saw what can literally be taken as a moment in time where the Good Lord said 'hey look here and take it in'. A few yards away, a young man, with a 80's ish coif of blonde hair with green dye growing it's way out toward the tips, tight ripped jeans, combat boots - clearly worn in, and a dirt and presumable sweat stained t-shirt with the words "NOT DEAD YET" written in black sharpie across it.
My immediate thought was: True Story Man.
Secondary thought: I love this human and hope it's a true story of how he has survived to this point and is happy to be alive.
Tertiary Reality: Who knows really, maybe he's just a kid who has no idea what his shirt says, let alone if it has meaning to anything. But he's still doing something right because hey... NOT DEAD YET.
In moments of, nope.. wait .. Waves of hopelessness ebbed on by the fact that your feet are so tired and hot after working another 9 hour day and no one is there to make you dinner when your day is done, let alone clean up after the cat that accidentally got stuck in your bedroom for the last 12 hours..(or the kid who just puked all over you...)  because whoops, that's life sometimes - it's huge to remember you are NOT DEAD YET. You don't need the fight song of a million likes on the internet for the mom of the year post - you just need that nudge from above to say hey fool, pick up your head - YOU AINT DEAD.

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