Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Grown Up Blog

 "Grown Up" is just another label. It's a category in life. You know what else I've been told?  "Age" is just a number.
Well I'm here to tell you these sentences are true. For me, anyway - You might hold tight to some nuances related to either being a "grown up" or whatever your "age" is.
I've always been a fan of irony in life - and this blog will no doubt show that on full broad spectrum display. As such, it seems pertinent to point out that a driving force behind blogging being back in style in my life - is "age". I've been doing much thinking about where I am, what I've accomplished, or rather, not yet accomplished; who I know myself to be, who the world might know me to be; what has worked, what hasn't and what I want to believe works in life. Da Hell that got to do with a silly ol blog? Well - Here's another few things I know - Writing is important. Really Important. Reading is important. Really Important. Engaging is important. Really Important. Not just for me, for everyone. I don't care who you are or what your nuances are. Authenticity is important. Really Important. Period.
And now to turn those things back on me, myself and I (yes all of us) - I feel a constant hankering for this platform. It's always been there. Oooh kay only as far back as the internet allowed for it (ahem, livejournal anyone?), and it's taken different forms (oh hey look more of my history on the internet - I had a  wordpress blog - it was super this is what I did with my life today blogging)... but it's always been there and here it shall be. Join me, if you wish, I promise I will have some laughs and some lessons we can share in.

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